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About us
TourTek Solutions is a boutique travel technology business specialising in the digital distribution of all types of tour product,.
We provide tour operators, travel agencies and travel advisors with affordable and easy to use technology to help grow the way they distribute and sell touring product.

We offer digital distribution via 4 avenues:

Tour Atlas - a retail travel specific aggregation platform that provides an unbiased tour product search tool for travel advisors.
Through the use of direct API connectivity, we provide up to date information on itineraries, price and availability to travel advisors.
Tour Atlas includes a virtual BDM and product information portal that is specifically designed for tour operators to communicate with a wide range of travel advisors and to raise the profile of their product.

TravelCMS - a white label search engine for agency websites that provides all the tech capacity they need to promote touring product without the hassle of engaging an external developer.
TravelCMS can also operate as a stand alone website for travel agencies and tour operators.

TourTek API- we can provide an enterprise REST API containing all the tour data in our database for larger travel groups who want to add tour content to their website.

TourTek Data Entry System - custom built, low cost and industry specific API platform for small to medium tour operators who need API capability without the hassle of engaging developers.

TourTek Solutions is the tech company that helps small to medium tour operators cross the gap between old ways and new connectivity while maintaining complete control of bookings and relationships with travel advisors

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