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CATO Accreditation Program

The CATO Accreditation Program is a specialised scheme designed for Australian-based tour operators and travel wholesalers (land-supply sector) that develop, package and distribute domestic and international leisure travel product around the world.

Developed in collaboration with the CATO Member Code of Conduct, this program aims to ensure that the land-supply sector maintains high standards of professionalism and assurance in delivering travel products and services.

Key features of the CATO Accreditation Program include:

Fit-for-Purpose Design: The program has been created by expertly qualified individuals within the CATO membership group in conjunction with a nationally recognised accounting firm and is tailored to meet the specific needs of the land-supply sector.

Professionalism and Assurance: The program emphasises the importance of maintaining professionalism and assurance in the delivery of travel products and services around the World.

CATO Member Code of Conduct: Members are expected to adhere to the CATO Member Code of Conduct, which provides operational guidance and demonstrates their professional standing within the global travel ecosystem.

Financial Health Check: CATO Accreditation includes an independent annual financial health check conducted by a CATO-appointed external accounting firm. This measure aims to support the financial stability of member organisations.

Eligibility: To be eligible for CATO Accreditation, tour operators and travel wholesalers must:

    • Hold an Australian ABN or be formally represented by an entity with an Australian ABN.
    • Submit their most recent annual financial records for assessment by a CATO-appointed external accounting firm.
    • Acknowledge and abide by the CATO constitution.
    • Adhere to the CATO Member Code of Conduct.
    • Maintain insurance coverage relevant to the size of their organisation, including public liability insurance, Tour Operators Liability insurance (if relevant), professional indemnity insurance (if relevant), and workers' compensation insurance in accordance with relevant legislation.

CATO Accredited Members are expected to follow the CATO Member Advertising Code of Conduct and the CATO Member Code of Ethics when marketing and dealing with the public, respectively.

The annual renewal of CATO membership signifies a participant's alignment with, understanding of, and compliance with all aspects of the CATO Member Code of Conduct, as well as adherence to financial reporting obligations based on the jurisdiction in which the member is domiciled.

Disclaimer: CATO Accreditation is based on an independent assessment of financial information against particular criteria at a point in time. The assessment depends on the accuracy of financial information submitted by members. Information submitted may not have been professionally audited or verified. CATO Accreditation does not guarantee that a business will not experience financial difficulty or become insolvent. CATO makes no warranty of, and does not represent or guarantee, the financial viability of any CATO Accredited member. In this regard, CATO (including its officers and employees) disclaims all and any liability arising from reliance on a member’s CATO Accreditation. CATO Accreditation is an industry-led scheme, is voluntary, and is not an insurance or other compensation scheme.

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